5 signs of a good marriage!

signs of a good marriage

It’s really common to hear about signs of a bad marriage marriage, or signs that your marriage is about to fall apart, but it’s interesting how people don’t talk as much about signs of a good marriage! It is just as important to know the signs of a good marriage as it is to know […]

How to balance work and family tips: The most important advice

how to balance work and family tips

A client came to me recently because his marriage as about to fall apart as a result of how much he worked. He was a successful entrepreneur and was very proud of the business that he had built from the ground up, but he had very little time for his wife and their three year […]

My wife is giving up on our marriage: How do I save it?!

my wife has given up on me

When you are in a situation where you realize that you are the only one who is still fighting for your marriage, it becomes incredibly difficult to find solutions and stay motivated. Here at Happily Committed, this is one of the most common issues we encounter, so it is safe to say that you have […]

Getting over a toxic relationship FAST!

getting over a toxic relationship

When you are struggling with getting over a toxic relationship, I know that it can feel like you’re trying to do the impossible. You wind up having to deal with a whole slew of complicated emotions. Breakups are hard enough as it is, but when the relationship was toxic, it can be even more challenging […]

How to be happy in a relationship : Everything you need to know!

how to be happy in a relationship

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