How to Overcome Long Term Infidelity Effects

Long Term Infidelity Effects

A long time ago, he made a mistake that hurt you deeply. Your relationship was rocked by infidelity, but you put in the work to talk things through, forgive him, and move on. So then why is it that, after all this time, you’re still not the same? Could it be that his infidelity cut […]

The Art of a Good Marriage: A relationship coach’s insight

The Art of a Good Marriage

During my time as a love and relationship expert here at Happily Committed, I’ve seen every kind of relationship you can imagine. Everyone who comes to me wants to know how to make things work between them and their partner, but the thing is, there isn’t a universal answer! What clicks in one relationship may […]

What Causes Insecurity in Marriage? 

what causes insecurity in a marriage

If you’re suffering from jealousy, low self-esteem, and constant anxiety about your marriage, you probably already know that the root of all of those awful emotions is the same: insecurity. Plenty of people suffer from insecurity in their marriages, and the many unpleasant ways that it manifests itself can end up derailing a perfectly good […]

Psychological Facts About Cheating 

Psychological Facts About Cheating 

Far too often, I’ve been faced with clients who have been absolutely blindsided by cheating in their relationships. What they thought was a happy, carefree romance was suddenly destroyed by infidelity, and to make things even worse, the guilty party doesn’t seem to know why it happened. Why cheat when you have everything? Why hurt […]

I’m Feeling Neglected By My Boyfriend: What Can I Do? 

During my time as a love and relationship coach here at Happily Committed, I’ve had plenty of women reach out to me with a very similar story. See if this feels familiar: You’re in a relationship, and in the beginning, it was perfect. Your boyfriend showered you with love and affection, and it felt like […]

Post Infidelity Stress Disorder

Post Infidelity Stress Disorder

Do you feel like the pain of infidelity never goes away? Long after the affair, you’re still hurting just as much as you did right after you found out. Your daily life is plagued by unwanted mental images of your partner with someone else. Anxiety attacks appear from seemingly nowhere, and you’re unwilling to risk […]

Overcoming Anxiety and Marriage Fear 

Overcoming Anxiety and Marriage Fear 

In my time as a love and relationship coach here at Happily Committed, I’ve had plenty of clients come to me in tears before their weddings, completely overwhelmed by anxiety. If you’re also struggling with pre-wedding anxiety, then you know how the feeling can be so intense it’s hard to make sense of it. You […]

What we can learn from Infidelity Statistics

Infidelity Statistics

Far too often, people try to understand infidelity only after it rears its ugly head in their relationships. It comes as such a shock, and it redefines the entire dynamic between you and your partner overnight. Getting your head around what caused it is a long, painful process, and it’s vital if you want to […]

Is an on again, off again relationship healthy?

Young couple life is not happy in the marriage.

Over the years, I’ve had countless clients come to me wondering if their on again, off again relationship is leading anywhere, how they can get their partner to commit, or how to break the cycle they seem to be stuck in. I have even had clients who have been in on again off again relationships […]

Why Does He Hate Me and What Do I Do?!

Why Does He Hate Me and What Do I Do

Creating a stable, happy, healthy and dedicated long term relationship can sometimes be surprisingly difficult. Sometimes, it can feel like an impossible feat. But that is precisely why we have created Happily Committed. We are a team of love and relationship experts that have over twenty years of combined experience, and we have made it […]