How to forgive infidelity ? Tips from a relationship expert

How to forgive infidelity

If there has been cheating in your relationship, trust has been shattered. Fortunately, you’ve found this website and now have access to numerous articles, videos, and even programs that have been specifically designed to help couples move past cheating and enter into a new chapter of their relationship. A new chapter that is even better […]

How to fix a marriage after infidelity: 3 surefire tools

how to fix a marriage after infidelity

Many clients come to us asking if it’s actually possible to fix a marriage after infidelity and are very relieved when we tell them that yes, it is! If you have found yourself reading this article today, the chances are that you also have been wondering the same thing. Your marriage has been faced with […]

Life after divorce: Finding joy in new beginnings

life after divorce

The prospect of life after divorce can feel daunting and overwhelming. When you’ve built a marriage with someone that did not end up the way that you had expected it to, you enter a period of transformation. We’ve all heard about the concept of “growing pains,” and this process will be uncomfortable. That said, it […]

I cheated on my husband: how do I fix this?

why did i cheat on my husband

If you’re reading this article right now, it means that you have found yourself in a very challenging situation. You have been unfaithful to the man you love, and you’re trying to figure out how to repair the damage. Many people come to us for help, saying, “I cheated on my husband, is there any […]

Separation prevention: Everything you need to know!

separation prevention

I have to say, whenever a client comes to me asking about separation prevention, I feel a certain sense of happiness. Why? Well, I am touched by this because very often we are working with people that are coming out of relationships and want to know what they can do to put the pieces back […]

Toxic partner: How to identify them and find REAL solutions

how to deal with toxic partner

What is a toxic partner? Unfortunately, unhealthy relationships are not so unusual in today’s day and age. They tend to be something that develops without a person realizing it, and then they can experience a whole mess of emotions that makes them feel trapped. Because this is such a common topic, I wanted to write […]

Should I get a divorce: the real answer

Should I get a divorce

Does separation help a marriage? As a love and relationship coach, I know how hard it can be to be in a position where you’re wondering “Should I get a divorce?” You’ve put so much time and energy into this relationship, you’ve created a home, you might even have children… And yet this relationship seems […]

Does separation help a marriage: the honest truth

Does separation help a marriage

When your marriage feels like it’s on the brink of falling apart, you feel like you’re ready to try anything to fix it. You wonder if couple’s counseling would work and in some cases, you decide to test out a period of separation. But does separation help a marriage or does it make it easier for the […]

How to overcome loneliness in marriage

How to overcome loneliness in marriage

Many of you reading this have started to feel lonely in your marriage either because your significant other is too busy with work or other responsibilities, or because it feels like the bond you used to share has faded away. Now you’ve found yourself in a position where you want to know how to overcome […]

Commitment quotes: The very best

Quotes about commitment

When commitment is truly present in a relationship, you can overcome pretty much any obstacle. As a love and relationship coach, I always find it so inspiring to see how people are able to protect their relationship when they are committed to each other and to their love. That is why I wanted to write […]