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Commitment quotes: The very best

When commitment is truly present in a relationship, you can overcome pretty much any obstacle. As a love and relationship coach, I always find it so inspiring to see how people are able to protect their relationship when they are committed to each other and to their love.

That is why I wanted to write this article for you today on some of the best commitment quotes out there, and I highly encourage you to share your favorite ones in the comments section below! There are so many of them and the more we share, the better!

Commitment quotes about love

I wanted to share some of my favorite quotes about commitment in romantic relationships as we start things off. It isn’t always easy to stay committed to one person, especially when your relationship is facing a rough patch.

Fortunately, when you stay committed to each other and you decide to work through whatever you are facing as a team, you will often find that your bond becomes stronger than ever before.

To give you some inspiration, here are some of the best quotes on commitment that I’ve come across recently:

“If we commit ourselves to one person for life, this is not, as many people think, a rejection of freedom; rather, it demands the courage to move into all the risks of freedom, and the risk of love which is permanent; into that love which is not possession but participation.”
― Madeleine L’Engle

“The truest form of love is how you behave toward someone, not how you feel about them.”
― Steve Hall

“We have to recognise that there cannot be relationships unless there is commitment, unless there is loyalty, unless there is love, patience, persistence.”
― Cornel West

“Real love has little to do with falling. It’s a climb up the rocky face of a mountain, hard work, and most people are too selfish or too scared to bother.
Very few reach the critical point in their relationship that summons the attention of the light and the dark, that place where they will make a commitment to love no matter what obstacles-or temptations- appear in their path.”
― Stacey Jay

“Love is not really a mystery. It is a process like anything else. A process that requires trust, effort, focus and commitment by two willing partners”
― Elizabeth Bourgeret

“Often we find ourselves in a trap of commitment wondering if your partner can be faithful to you completely. Most people will not commit to this kind of relationship. But if you have found your Soul mate, this will not be a challenge for you. It all depends on the actions of yourself and your partner.”
― Kevin Dellinger

“Freedom is not the absence of commitment, and to be committed to something or to someone does not mean the loss of freedom. But freedom exists in the realm of the unbound and to be free is to be committed to that which is a part of the unbound realm. Whatever sets your soul to flight is freedom. If someone sets your soul to flight, to stay with that person is not to lose freedom but to stay with that person is to retain freedom. Together you have what is unbound. Whatever will swell your spirit and give you wings, is freedom, and it is a fault if you let go of that for the very reason that you are afraid of losing your freedom and in doing so you have in fact let go of what will keep you unbound.”
― C. JoyBell C.

“If you promise to love, trust, respect, support and stand by someone no matter what, do not just speak those words when times are good. Live those words when challenges arise. The stronger the love and commitment, the more unbreakable the bond. United hearts will never be easily divided.”
― Carlos Wallace

“A solid commitment splices two lives together and holds through the storms.”
― Margot Datz

“Understanding” may become “misunderstanding”, if no commitment or no responsibilities are assumed, no specific objectives set, no definite expectations met and common values and interests no longer shared. Mutual understanding may then, against all odds, end up in heartache, confusion and bewilderment. (“Mutual understanding” )”
― Erik Pevernagie

commitment quotes

Quotes about commitment in life

Commitment doesn’t only pertain to romantic relationships. It is also a necessary element in regards to reaching one’s goals.

That is why I wanted to include a section of this article on commitment quotes to help you stay motivated when it feels like you’re constantly being met with obstacles that are keeping you from meeting your goals.

Anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it, and commitment to your hopes and dreams is often what makes the difference! We will all encounter obstacles and roadblocks.

It’s just a fact of life, but that doesn’t mean that our goals are unattainable. We just need to persevere and keep fighting for what we truly want! I hope that the following quotes inspire you to keep fighting the good fight:

“Most people fail not because of a lack of desire but because of a lack of commitment.”
– Vince Lombardi

“I don’t think that as a participant in life you cannot be committed. You either commit to mediocrity or commit to greatness.”
– Les Brown

“You don’t get 100% results with only 50% commitment.”
– Anonymous

“The acorn becomes an oak by means of automatic growth; no commitment is necessary. The kitten similarly becomes a cat on the basis of instinct. Nature and being are identical in creatures like them. But a man or woman becomes fully human only by his or her choices and his or her commitment to them. People attain worth and dignity by the multitude of decisions they make from day by day. These decisions require courage.”
– Rollo May

“Commitment is the foundation of great accomplishments.”
– Heidi Reeder

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it’s convenient. When you’re committed to something, you accept no excuses; only results.”
– Kenneth Blanchard

“Commitment is what transforms a promise into a reality.”
– Abraham Lincoln

“When confronted with a challenge, the committed heart will search for a solution. The undecided heart searches for an escape.”
– Andy Andrews

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