My Husband Hates Me

My Husband Hates Me | What Should I Do To Make Him Love Me?

The feeling when someone you care about is upset with you sits in the pit of your stomach and makes you feel awful. It lingers in your mind throughout the day and often pushes its way to the forefront of your thoughts as you’re trying to fall asleep. When the person who resents you happens to be your own husband, these feelings are amplified. You’ve invested so much time, energy and love into this relationship and you’ve built so much together. Now that things are feeling shaky, you might be feeling that a divorce is looming on the horizon.

When a person comes to me and tells me, “My husband hates me and I think I’m about to lose him,” one of the first things I say is that this situation can be turned around. As long as you’re willing to take an honest look at the relationship and are ready and willing to make an effort to change the things that need changing, you can save your relationship. Because this is such a common topic and so many people find themselves faced with this type of challenge, I wanted to write an article on how exactly you can get back in control of the situation and not only restore your relationship, but make it better than ever!

When you’re feeling uneasy in your marriage, you become vulnerable and this vulnerability puts you at risk for making certain mistakes that can actually make matters worse. It is my goal to give you tools and techniques for pinpointing the issues at hand and rebuilding the love and complicity between you and your husband, while steering clear of the most common mistakes. You are in control of more than you might realize, so let’s get started right away!

Why does my husband hate me: The importance of identifying the root

When your husband hates you, the first line of business is to figure out why exactly he is feeling this way towards you. Understanding the root will help you to identify what needs to change and what tools would be most effective for your specific situation. The psychologist William James explained that one of the deepest human needs is to feel appreciated. If your husband feels under-appreciated or worse still, completely unappreciated, we’ve got to find out why that is. 

The key to finding out the answers to many of these questions is putting yourself and your husband’s shoes. What are the issues at hand, what is their root, and what might your husband be feeling as a result of them? When you are able to take a look at things through his perspective, it becomes much easier to begin to define concrete solutions. 

I think my husband hates me: Neglect & Smothering

It could be that he feels neglected in the relationship. This is one of the most common issues I encounter in my coaching sessions with clients. Maybe with your busy schedules it’s been hard to find some time to set aside for yourselves so the romance has completely fizzled out. He might be acting hostile towards you because feels like he is no longer a priority to you. On the flip side, it is also possible that you’re thinking “He hates me” right now because he has started to feel suffocated by you and is feeling desperate for some more freedom and independence. When you settle into a relationship it’s very common to develop a certain routine while forgetting that before you two got together, you were two separate people with two separate lives.

Men value freedom and independence just as much as women value trust and security, and if they don’t feel needed and of value in the relationship, their ego and self esteem can suffer. Similarly, if they feel like they are giving note time to themselves and cannot maintain a personal life, their own Secret Garden if you will, they can try to forcibly attain that space by becoming hostile. It’s a fine line, I know, and it’s hard to find the right balance. Fortunately that’s what we are here for, so please don’t hesitate to reach out. We can design the perfect plan of action based on your specific situation!

How To Save Your Marriage Alone | 5 Ways To Bring Love Back!

He hates me and only sees the bad side of things

Unfortunately, when tensions run high between two partners, it is not uncommon for pessimism to take precedent damage the relationship even further. Right about now, it feels like things have gotten so bad between you that your husband probably only sees the bad things, right? He’s fixating on your shortcomings, he’s holding grudges for past mistakes, and he doesn’t seem to see the efforts you’ve been making improve the situation and the relationship between you. I am not going to sugar coat it for you, when you see these signs your husband hates you, your marriage is in a very vulnerable state.

Though it feels scary right now, I want to take a moment to remind you that the Buddha once said that hatred is never cured by hatred; it is cured by love. A misunderstanding is never ended by an argument, but with tact, diplomacy, conciliation and a sympathetic desire to see the other person’s point of view. This means that we aren’t going to be fighting fire with fire, no matter how hostile your husband might be right now.

As frustrating as things might be right now, there is no sense in fanning the flames by approaching the situation in an aggressive manner. It’s important to stay in control of your emotions so that you can act with compassion and choose constructive actions instead of destructive reactions.

My husband acts like he hates me: Taking a look at the silver lining

I bet you read that heading and thought, “What kind of silver lining could there possibly be right now?! This is awful.” Think about what I said in the introduction. This situation can be fixed as long as you’re willing to put in the effort. What’s more, crisis can actually bring about incredible opportunities…

There are stages of relationships, and the mature, long-lasting phase cannot come about until the honeymoon phase has come to an end. This means that a transition needs to happen and sometimes that transition is tumultuous. It does however grant you the opportunity to take your relationship to the next level, let it evolve, and experience a deeper, more profound type of love. So the fact that there is trouble in paradise right now could actually be a big blessing in disguise!

Again, this happens IF you get active and avoid sitting back and letting this breakup break you.

Once you get to the other side of this, you might end up feeling grateful that things got shaken up enough to be able fall back in order in a better way than before. Many people who experience these types of crises end up looking back on them later on down the line and realize that they were blessings in disguise that allowed them to recognize problems, make changes, and therefore save, protect and reinforce their relationships.

My husband says he hates me: Lisa’s success story

Not too long ago, a very successful insurance agent living in New York City named Lisa reached out to me. She and her husband were teetering on the brink of divorce. He was drowning in work, was not where he wanted to be professionally speaking, and was blaming Lisa for things that were not her fault. He was deeply unhappy in his personal life and felt that their relationship had become too much of a burden so he needed to “focus on finding himself again.” When she reached out to me she said, “My husband hates me and I feel like I’m losing my soul mate and my best friend,” she was devastated and was certain that she had already lost him.

I told her what I just told you: That she was not in the crisis that she feared she was in, but rather in an opportunity to strengthen their bond. Through the challenges they were facing, their love could grow. Despite what she thought, her husband did not hate her, though he did hate where he was in life at that moment. She was considerably more successful than he was, and his insecurity made him feel threatened by her success. My job consisted of working with Lisa to recalibrate her relationship and ensure that she and her husband started pulling in the same direction again. They needed to act as a team instead of as adversaries, so we focused on rebuilding their common life project. As a result, their relationship began to thrive!

I want to bring your attention to stories like this because it’s so easy to despair when you’re feeling vulnerable. I have the opportunity to help people in this situation on a day-to-day basis, so I can confidently tell you that this is temporary. You aren’t going to sit back and let this fall apart around you! You have already gone out of your way to seek out guidance, so you’re getting in control of the situation. So many people just give up… they feel like they have tried enough and It would just be easier to throw this relationship out, go out and get a new one. This is a very unfortunate product of our consumerist society, and it is also the reason why so many people end up with regrets following a break up. So I just wanted to take a moment to salute you. You aren’t giving up, and you’re already researching how to pave the way towards a solid relationship that will withstand the test of time.

My husband said he hates me, should I hold on?

Unfortunately we live in a day and age where we have lost track of the value of repairing things that are broken. As I just said, we live in a consumerist society where sometimes we think it’s just easier to throw something out and get a new one. Sadly, I see the same mindset being applied to human relationships.

Sure it would be really easy to throw this relationship in the trash and set out to get yourself a shiny new one, but is that really what you want? Is a challenging period worth throwing away everything you’ve shared, everything you’ve built, and the love that exists between you? Of course not!

And I know you know that because you’re right here, reading this.

So many people sit back and wallow in self pity, waiting for things to change on their own. You’re taking matters into your own hands, you’re fighting for what you’ve built, and you’re not going to just chuck this in the bin. It’s worth more than that and the fact that you’re already going out of your way to learn how to save this relationship and pull your husband’s love for you back to the surface speaks volumes about your odds of success.

The great Indian philosopher Osho said, “If you love a person and live the whole life with him or with her, a great intimacy will grow and love will have deeper and deeper revelations to make to you. It is not possible if you go on changing partners very often. It is as if you go on changing a tree from one place to another, then another; then it never grows roots anywhere. To grow roots, a tree needs to remain in one place. Then it goes deeper; then it becomes stronger. Intimacy is good, and to remain in one commitment is beautiful, but the basic necessity is love.”

My husband hates me, what do I do: Prioritize a positive mindset

The way you approach this crisis is going to be a determining factor in your success. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. If you’re going into this with a defeatist frame of mind, you’re going to be focusing on the negatives and it’s going to wear you out. Your mindset and your actions during this process are what are going to make the difference! Not your husband’s anger or frustrations with you.

Yes, the feelings of anxiety you are experiencing at this period are perfectly normal. It’s OK if you are afraid of losing your husband but remember that emotions are neither good nor bad; they are simply our responses to what life throws at us.

Fixating on the glass being half empty is going to drain you of your energy and it’s not going to inspire you to continue to work towards your goal!

I received a testimonial from Vanessa who had been dealing with a very similar situation. When she first reached out, she was terrified of pushing her husband away. In a relatively short period of time, she was able to completely transform her mindset and subsequently her relationship. She wrote, “Things couldn’t be better. Me, my husband, my kids, we are all happy and I’ve had no hiccups. This change has made my life great again and for the long run. I am blessed to have my family and my mind right. Just wanted to let you know again how things were and to thank you again.”

How to make your husband stop hating you

In order for you to turn things around like Lisa and Vanessa did, here are the things that you can start incorporating into your daily life right away! Soon you will be able to turn the man who has shut down and become hostile towards you into a man that is madly in love with you and treats you the way he did in the very beginning…

Turning hate into a stronger love: Becoming friends again

Not only does friendship fuel romance, it offers the best protection against tensions between you. It reinforces the complicity between you and makes it exponentially easier to act as a team instead of as adversaries. When you’re in a relationship with someone, it’s important to be on the same side even if you disagree about something. You can always agree to disagree but you need to act as a team.

When tensions run high, one or both of you will be feeling very confrontational, so it’s normal that you’d wind up thinking “My husband hates me” if he goes into attack mode or becomes caustic.

By becoming friends again, you can dispel those tensions and open the doors to more effortless communication. Some easy ways to start restoring the friendship between you is by getting out and trying new things together. The more fun it is, the better! Think about doing something that allows you two to get away, clear your minds, and have fun together. It could be a weekend getaway or even just an afternoon playing bumper cars. Don’t be afraid to do something “silly.” If you can add an adrenaline release in the mix, even better. Research has shown that when two people share an experience that releases adrenaline (think roller coaster rides, riding a vespa, even salsa dancing), it can boost complicity and sexual attraction!

I feel like my husband hates me: Avoiding drama

I know it’s hard to avoid when you’re feeling so stressed out by the situation, but it is essential that you avoid drama, conflict and negativity at all costs. The best way to get the best of an argument is to avoid getting into one altogether!

A good way to do this is to be careful with your tone. The author of The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman, once said that your spouse will usually interpret your message based on your tone of voice and not on the words you use. Keep in mind that even when a person is completely wrong, they don’t think that they are. Avoid entering a conversation in attack mode, even if you’re thinking, “My husband hates me and wants a divorce.” Avoid criticism because it’s dangerous, will damage his pride, and hurt his sense of self. All of these feelings lead to resentfulness, which is not something we want.

My husband acts like he hates me: Engage with each other

You know, some people leave a marriage by divorcing and other people simply do it by living parallel lives.

You might be thinking, “I think he hates me” at this moment in time, but don’t allow the disconnect between you and your husband to grow and intensify. Instead, focus on engaging with one another and actively sharing things. Come up with new activities to enjoy together and focus on freshness. Try to go to new places. Keep in mind that your old usual haunts could actually bring up negative memories so prioritize newness. The more you experience together and the more fun you have, the more the complicity between you is restored. What’s more, it will help your husband to stop hating you and begin to see you in a new light!

Don’t coast through life minding your own business! Invest in building your relationship and communicating the right way!

Active listening when dealing with hostility in the relationship

Human beings have a nasty habit of feeling like we always have to have the last word. This leads to many arguments simply because we don’t listen to understand; we listen to have something to bounce off of with a counter argument.

One of the best ways to make your husband feel that you respect and care about him is by actually listening to what he is saying to you, instead of just listening so that you can throw in your response. I like to encourage my clients to “actively” listen, which means responding in a way that makes their partner feel heard.

For example, instead of launching a counterattack or interrupting his words, you can say, “Ok, I understand. What you’re saying is that ____,” and then express what you’d like to say. This shows that you’re paying attention and you want to understand what he’s trying to express to you. It creates a less hostile environment and helps you to work together towards finding a solution as a team.

In addition to this, another important thing about communication (especially when you feel like your husband hates you) is listening to the things that he’s not explicitly saying to you. A lot of people carry heavy emotional baggage, aka wounds that are being carried into this relationship from past experiences. It could be insecurities, unrealized dreams, disappointments, etc. You are in a committed relationship with this man, so you have front row seats to his likes, dislikes, and his past. Make sure that you look beneath the surface whenever you two are discussing something important – especially when it’s an argument or a conversation big had in an intense period.

How To Save Your Marriage Alone | 5 Ways To Bring Love Back!

My husband hates me, what do I do: Focus on what you CAN control!

As frustrating as it might be right now, when you’re thinking my husband hates me so much, you have to focus on the things you can control. You can’t just go into his mind and flick the “anger” button off. You have to focus on your own actions so that that button will get switched off on its own. One of the biggest gifts that you can give a person you love is to accept him for who he is rather than allow yourself to be disappointed because he isn’t acting the way you want him to act, or because he isn’t who you want him to be right now.

Accept your husband for who he is, accept the changes that you can make, and from here on out, focus on your actions!

My spouse hates me: Being optimistic

I know it’s hard to focus on the positives when you’re feeling like this, but seeing the glass half empty will not serve you. It’s crucial that you are grateful for your husband and that you focus on the positive, silver linings instead of what you don’t have right now.

Remember, negativity and pessimism can be destructive towards your odds of success! If you fixate on the negatives, it’s going to affect your behavior and your run the risk of making mistakes that can further complicate matters. If you focus on the positives, it will help you to find more positives. As a result, the positive elements in your relationship will multiply and both of you will become happier. Be careful with negativity because the same thing can happen in the opposite sense if you’re always looking at the glass half empty.

Body language when my husband hates me but won’t leave

If you interact with your significant other in a way that coveys that you are feeling negative emotions towards him, things can get even more tense. For example, if you’re sitting with your arms crossed, avoiding eye contact, not smiling and just staring at the floor, your husband could easily think that you’re not feeling that great about him right now, either. This can make him put up more defenses.

A lot of people do this without even realizing it, so pay attention to your body language when you’re communicating with him! Think about eye contact, facing him, showing him that you’re listening to his words, reaching out and touching his arm to convey some tenderness… every detail counts!

What to do if my husband hates me: Don’t put pressure on yourself

Many times, when I’m working with a client who is experiencing this situation, I notice that they’ll do something that ends up making things harder for themselves. They fixate on the goal too much and end up putting so much pressure on their shoulders! They’ll have thoughts like, “If I don’t win my husband’s love back right now I’m so screwed, everything will be ruined.. my marriage is going to end in divorce!”

I’ll say it again – the relationship is fragile and this crisis is not going to be solved overnight. One of the keys for making sure that your relationship gets back on track is to focus on making the present moment enjoyable. There is no sense in dwelling on the past or panicking about the future. You are in control of the present moment, so make sure you’re making it enjoyable for both of you! Every single person on the face of this earth wants the same thing: happiness.

Show your husband how happy he makes you, and show him how happy you two can be in this relationship, together. This goes hand in hand with becoming friends again, restoring the complicity between you, and thinking of things that you can share together to strengthen your bond.

Just make sure that you’re being active and avoiding empty promises at all costs. If you jump right into making empty promises, or declaring that things will be different now before you’ve actually done the work, it can actually make matters considerably worse and make your husband resent you even more. He won’t believe you until he sees proof, especially if things are already tense. By the way, it’s not just a matter of time! It’s a matter of him being able to recognize new, positive longterm patterns in you.

Be careful to not get sucked into a downward spiral of making empty promises that result int even more resentment towards you in your husband.

How to make my husband stop hating me

When you feel like your husband hates you, you’re going to have to analyze the situation and really take a look at what the issues at hand are. What concrete things did you do that made your husband feel this way? What things can you do differently from here on out? How can you make up for the things that upset your husband in the first place? How can you ensure that these issues will be kept at bay in the future?

Use this article as a guide, and really explore what’s going on behind the scenes as well. As I said above, you’re on the right track so just make sure that you’re taking a close look at this situation. By pinpointing the issues, you can define your longterm solutions.

Do not neglect your personal life

As we approach the end of this article, I wanted to bring your attention to one more very important thing that often gets put on the back burner in times of crisis.

You must make sure that you continue to pursue your dreams, continue to be social and independent. If you’re constantly at your significant other’s beck and call, not only could he get sick of you and feel suffocated, it could make it easy for him take you for granted and therefore draw out this period during which you feel like he hates you.

As I know you are painfully aware right now, the best way to remember how much you love something is to realize that you could actually lose it.

Turning “My husband hates me” into “We are so in love again”

Whether you’re thinking, “My husband hates me because I cheated,” “My husband doesn’t even want me to kiss him,” or even, “My husband hates me so much and I have no idea why,” I encourage you to take some time to really soak in everything you’ve just read. Take a piece of paper and start writing out what issues your relationship is facing right now, and where these issues are stemming from.

Start to pinpoint the specific actions that will improve the situation. Focus on the answer to “Why my husband hates me.” Once you understand this we can determine the ideal plan of action and work together.

Remember that if handled correctly, a situation like this can provide you with wonderful opportunities!

Make sure that you have a positive mindset and that you take your time with this. Avoid criticism and be careful with your tone of voice when you’re speaking with your husband, even if you’re upset!

Engage with him and work on becoming friends again. Reinforce your bond and in the process, listen to what he’s trying to express and understand where he’s coming from.

Avoid placing too much pressure on your shoulders, but focus on making the present moment enjoyable so that you can start to repair and reinforce the complicity that once existed between you. This is how you will allow True Love between you and your husband to solidify on a sturdy foundation. I also recommend working on reigniting the attraction between you. To help you do this, we’ve created a powerful product that you can access by clicking here!

I want to hammer it one last time for good measure: Actions speak louder than words! Avoid empty promises, don’t tell your husband that everything is going to change without doing the work to make it happen! He needs to understand that he can trust you and that you two can be happy together again.

Let’s work together and win your husband’s love for you back!

Join the Happily Committed Movement and learn transformational relationship secrets that will strengthen your marriage with your husband forever.

Together we can work on designing a custom action plan that will get you real results and the man you love will be back in your arms for good. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by clicking here, or by leaving your question in the comments section below. It would be my pleasure to personally respond to you.

Wishing you the best of luck in life and love,

Your coach when you’re thinking, “My husband hates me”

By coach Adrian

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  1. Leave him if he hates you.He is in love with somebody else and that’s why he hates you.You can find a much better husband .Husband should not be given importance 🤮 if he hates you.There are better people in this world.Immediately leave him and let him learn a lesson from his new girl friend and let him understand what he lost.Husband is no more important to any woman now a days👍🏼😃.If he values his wife ,then fine.Otherwise husband is useless.Just get rid of him and find a much better person as many are available 😊

  2. I dont think my husband hates me. He just seems done with me. Everything O do irritates him and he stops talking to me. I dont think he has anyone else because he is always home.

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