I Don’t Want My Husband to Touch Me Anymore: What Happens Next? 

I Don’t Want My Husband to Touch Me Anymore

Have you ever caught yourself waiting for your husband to fall asleep before getting in bed? Or telling white lies to avoid sex? It may be even worse than that: you might literally feel like your skin crawls when your husband touches you. You may be surprised to hear it, but this is much more […]

How to get over a sudden breakup: 2 EASY tips

How to get over a sudden breakup

Heartbreak is one of the single most difficult things that we have to endure as human beings. People who have not experienced it have a hard time comprehending the pain of someone who has just endured a breakup with someone they love, and it can be difficult for them to put themselves in this person’s […]

How to handle conflict resolution in marriage when you’re STUBBORN!

conflict resolution in marriage

The idea for this article came to me when a client reached out to me asking about conflict resolution when both partners are super stubborn. This is not an uncommon question, but I realized that I haven’t written too much content for stubborn couples! Time to change that 🙂 In today’s article, I want to […]

How to deal with taking a break in a relationship?

how to deal with taking a break in a relationship concept, couple sitting on couch

One of the most daunting things that I see clients dealing with is the prospect of going on a break. Their relationship is very rocky and they know that something desperately needs to change, but they’re scared of taking a break. And I get it! The concept is very scary because it feels like there […]

How to get my husband back after separation: The answer!

how to get my husband back after separation

If you are familiar with our company, then you know that prior to creating the Happily Committed Project, we worked primarily with couples who wanted to get back together with an ex. Our other company, Love Advice TV deals specifically in ex recovery and I wanted to share some of the most powerful tips and […]

How long does it take to fall in love: the REAL answer

how long does it take to fall in love

The question of how long it takes to fall in love is something that comes up pretty often in our one on one coaching sessions. When a relationship is new, it’s normal that you might be wondering, “Hm, is this love? Is it infatuation? Is it lust? How can I know for sure?” As you […]

What to do when your husband cheats and lies: The solution!

what to do when your husband cheats and lies

If you have sought out this article, it means that you have found yourself in a tricky situation. You either know for a fact, or you suspect that your husband is cheating and lying, and you want to know what to do about it. This is a common topic that comes up in our coaching […]

Husband going through midlife crisis: What do I do?!

husband going through surviving midlife crisis

When a partner is going through a midlife crisis, it can be exceedingly hard to figure out what it is that you need to be doing. How can you be there for him? How can you find solutions if it is causing a rift in the relationship? This is a very common problem, and we […]

How to save a marriage that is falling apart: 9 EXPERT Tips

how to save a marriage that is falling apart

Here at Happily Committed, we have dedicated our lives to giving people all the tips and tools they need to coach themselves at home through whatever challenge they are facing in their love lives. As you can imagine, one of the main issues we encounter are marriages and relationships that are on the brink of […]

Will you marry me signs: How to know if he’s going to pop the question!

will you marry me signs

You’re in love. You are in a relationship with the man you can see your whole future with. Whether your dreams are to get married, build a home together, create a family, work towards shared goals, you see him by your side. When you feel this way about somebody, it comes as no surprise that […]