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Will you marry me signs: How to know if he’s going to pop the question!

You’re in love. You are in a relationship with the man you can see your whole future with. Whether your dreams are to get married, build a home together, create a family, work towards shared goals, you see him by your side.

When you feel this way about somebody, it comes as no surprise that you would want to know if he’s going to propose. That is why I wanted to write an article for you today that rounds up the biggest “Will you marry me” signs in one place.

Many clients have reached out to me for answers on this topic, so I know that the subject warrants its very own article. Realizing that you are in a relationship with the person you want to marry is one of the more beautiful things we can experience in this life, and you want to make sure that your partner is on the same page as you.

So, today I will be going over the biggest signs a person wants to ask you to be his wife, and how you can be sure to set yourself up for longterm success in your relationship with the one you love!

Will you marry me signs: Knowing what to look for

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I had a client not too long ago who came to me for two reasons. She wanted to know if her boyfriend was going to ask her to marry her, but she also wanted to know how to increase the odds of that happening. The thing is, Caroline and her boyfriend Ricky were in a rough patch.

She was thinking of marriage because in her mind, it signified a state in which the love between two people’s love is unshakeable, and while it is true that marriage does signify a powerful promise between two people, it does not mean that it is something that should be used in an attempt to bring the two of you closer.

What do I mean by this? Well, before I dive into the nitty gritty of all of this, I want to go over a very important topic that I make sure to explore with my clients. In many cases, a person who is struggling in a relationship because they feel that their partner is drifting away will start to fixate on the idea of marriage.

They do this because subconsciously, they feel that marriage would cement their bond, that marriage would make sure that they don’t lose each other.

The important thing to remember here is that marriage is a title, and it does not magically enter into your relationship, analyze the dynamic, pinpoint what changes need to be made for the relationship to become healthy, sustainable and fulfilling, and it doesn’t make problems disappear with the flick of a magic wand.

If anything, getting married to someone when your relationship does not have a solid foundation can make matters worse.

I am not telling you this to stress you out, but I want to stress the importance of creating a relationship that is resilient and full of happiness because you start thinking about marriage. If you don’t, then marriage would only amplify the problems that exist in the relationship.

As I said, they don’t just disappear overnight – instead, there is even more pressure on the two of you because now you’re married.

So, if you are reading this article today because you are looking for the signs he wants to marry you, make sure you take some time to think about what I just went over. Are you thinking about marriage because you know that your relationship is ready or it? Or because on a subconscious level, you’re viewing it as a bandaid solution.

If your gut tells you that it’s the latter, please know that we are here to help. It is our mission to give you all the tips and tools you need to set yourself up for success and create the love life of your dreams. Please don’t hesitate to browse through the articles on this site, the vast number of videos on our YouTube Channel, and if you would like one on one guidance, all you have to do is click here.

Together we can target any problems your relationship may be facing so that we can create long-term solutions. Teaching you how to create relationships and marriages that are built to last is our specialty.

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Look for these “Will you marry me” signs

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One of my other clients that I recently worked with, Aisling had a story that will help illustrate my point here. She had reached out to me last year in order to help her work on the communication problems she and her boyfriend were experiencing at that time The two of them, Aisling and Jonathan, were having trouble developing proper communication and this kept resulting in fights.

In fact, it was creating so much tension in the relationship that she thought that it was about to fall apart forever. This is around the time that she reached out to me.

Together, we focused on establishing proper communication between them and laying out a solid foundation in the relationship. They needed to start speaking the same language (so to speak) so that they could understand each other’s wants and needs.

As the months went on, Aisling was able to notice a positive shift in the dynamic of her relationship with Jonathan. They were able to get back on the same page and feel closer than ever, while still living their independent lives. Then she told me about the moment when she started to sense that he was ready, and this is what I wanted to share with you.

They had gone to a family event when one of Aisling’s favorite aunts came over to talk to her and Jonathan. The conversation veered to how beautiful Aisling’s brother’s wedding in Seattle was the year before. “So,” said Aisling’s aunt, “When are YOU two going to tie the knot?”

Aisling expected Jonathan to laugh nervously and gently switch topics, but he didn’t. Instead he smiled, looked at Aisling, then back at her aunt. “You’ll be the first to know,” he told her.

It was a quick little moment, but Aisling recognized that he wasn’t scoffing at the idea of marrying her. The thought of it did not make him uncomfortable, in fact, it seemed to make him happy. So this brings us to my first sign that he wants to marry you.

When a man wants to marry you, the topic of marriage does not make him squirm. You might notice that he brings it up to you or that he talks about his friends’ marriage in a way that shows you that he admires what they have.

Sometimes a person who is not ready for marriage will scoff at other people who have gotten married, so keep an eye on this – especially if he’s scoffing at a married who are perfectly happy together.

On the other hand, if your boyfriend starts to laugh nervously or wastes no time before he tries to find a new topic whenever the word “marriage’ is spoken, chances are that he’s not ready.

Now, don’t panic if this is the case. It doesn’t necessarily mean that he doesn’t want to marry you at all ever! It could very well just be that he’s just not ready to be thinking about making big steps like that quite yet.

Marry me signs: He’s bringing it up

This one is very obvious, but if your boyfriend openly talks to you about marriage, having a family, building a home together and all that, then he obviously is not shying away from the topic. In fact, the more comfortable he is talking to you about his, the more comfortable he is thinking about marriage with you.

A man who is nervous about the concept of marrying you isn’t going to bring it up to you. In fact, it’ll feel more like a touchy subject or like the elephant in the room.

But, on the other hand, if he’s open to the topic and if he starts talking about it with a sense of ease and happiness, things are looking good! If you’re wondering about how soon he will ask you to marry him, the more often he talks about marriage, the better.

Proposal signs: He’s the one bringing it up

Still on the topic of talking about marriage, it goes without saying that if your significant other is the one who is talking to you about getting married, it obviously means he’s thinking about it.

But keep an eye out for more subtle indicators. For example, if you’re watching a movie and there’s a scene with a grandiose wedding with 100 doves being released and he says, “Haha imagine if we did that!” Sure, he’s bringing it up because you’re watching a movie with it in that precise moment, but it means that the idea of having a wedding to you doesn’t seem super foreign to him.

In addition to this, if you notice that he’s been bringing it up in conversation and seems to be feeling out how you feel about it, or if he’s exploring details like what kind of ring or what kind of wedding you’re dreaming of, he is gathering intel!

So pay attention to whether or not he asks you questions about your wedding preferences, whether or not he shies away from the topic or if he’s the one to bring it up. A man who starts talking to you about the topic of marriage and weddings is not one who’s shying away from potentially marrying you.

”Will you marry me” on the horizon

A huge indicator that he’s thinking about marrying you, and he’s thinking about marrying you in the near future, is when he starts asking your friends and family about what kind of ring you would like. It is true that you might not know that this is happening, if but if you happen to find out that he asked your best friend about your engagement ring preferences, it means that he’s already thinking about the proposal itself!

A man will go out of his way to find out what you would want the most when he’s ready to start making concrete moves. So, as much as you can, given the fact that this will probably be hush-hush, pay attention to whether or not he’s asked your closest friends for information, whether he’s asked your parents, your siblings, or anyone that knows you really well.

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A man’s frame of mind when he wants to marry you

Will he propose

The signs I went over above are some of the biggest signs that he’s going to ask you to marry him in the relatively near future, but I also want to talk about some broader signs. For example, we need to take a look at how he factors you into his daily life, his plans and his future to get a better idea of whether marriage is on his radar or not.

So, how does he talk to you about the future? Does he talk about moving in together, taking big trips, or maybe even living in a different city together? If he has plans like this, it usually means that he sees the relationship continuing to grow, and marriage is a part of that process. So maybe he isn’t thinking about proposing in the next few months, or maybe it’s not even going to be in the next year, but if your man happily talks to you about future plans together, it means that you are the one that he sees by his side in his future.

Similarly, if he talks to you about having kids with you (in a serious way), it means that he sees you as the one for him. It’s true that in today’s society, having kids doesn’t always signify marriage (a lot of people don’t really believe in marriage), but if he’s talking to you about a huge step like this, it means that he views you as The One.

Unless he’s a master manipulator, a man would not talk to you about marriage and children if he knew in his heart of hearts that he didn’t want those things with you.

Another thing to keep in mind is whether or not he has introduced you to his loved ones. Have you met the people he is closest to? Do they know about you? Has he told you that he talks to them about you a lot?

In the vast majority of cases, a man doesn’t introduce a woman to his closest friends and family members if he doesn’t see the relationship as something serious. So think about this: If you are often having dinner with his parents and you have already developed a close relationship with his friends, then it is highly likely that he wants to marry you.

It is also important to pay attention to how enthusiastic he is about you meeting his friends and family. If you’ve never met them and he dodges the topic, then he is most likely not in the right headspace to be thinking about marriage. If, on the other hand, he can’t wait to introduce you to the people he cares about, or if you’re already super familiar with them, then chances are that marriage is on his mind. Remember, these are all part of the foundation that makes up a relationship that is only going to get stronger with time.

We also need to look at how much of a priority you are in this man’s life. Does he make himself available to you on a regular basis or does it feel like you have to convince him to spend time with you? If it’s the latter, he might not be viewing the relationship as something that is going to turn into marriage later on down the line.
If he gives you plenty of his time and attention (even when he’s busy with other responsibilities in his life), it’s a good sign! Does he value your opinion and does he share his interests with you? Does he go out of his way to meet your spoken AND unspoken needs? Is he selfless and is he consistently doing little things to show you how much he cares?

Always remember that actions speak louder than words and this is very important when it comes to thinking about whether or not a man plans on proposing to you. If you see that your significant other is really making an effort to make you feel loved and important in his life, then it is very likely that he can picture you as his wife one day.

What if I am not seeing the “will you marry me” signs?

If by this point in the article you haven’t seen signs that he’s going to marry you, I don’t want you to panic and assume the worst. It’s important to remember that as a general rule, men often need a bit more time to feel ready for marriage than women, and this is perfectly natural.

In fact, allowing him the time he needs is an important part of creating a solid foundation. If you pressure him, he will either pull away, or wind up feeling like the decision to get married was not his own. This, as you can imagine, can lead to resentment and tension later on down the line. Instead of doing anything or acting in a way that could make him feel pressured to pop the question, it is better to create an environment in your relationship that makes him feel excited and inspired to be with you. This means that both of you need to be living lives that are fulfilling, and you have to protect your relationship against emotional dependency. Emotional dependency is one of the biggest relationship killers that exist and I recommend reading this article to learn more about how you can fight it.

As I said above, you can always contact me or a member of my team if you would like one on one guidance in creating a life that makes you deeply happy and in turn makes your significant other want to get more invested in a relationship with you. Just click here to reach out to us, and we work together to help you transform your relationship in a meaningful way.

As this article comes to an end, let’s summarize what we’ve gone over. If you’re looking for the biggest will you marry me signs, look for these elements:

• The topic of marriage doesn’t make him uncomfortable
• He sees you in his future plans
• You find out that he’s been asking friends and family about your engagement/wedding preferences
• He talks about having children and/or getting married
• He makes you a priority in his life
• He wants to get to know your family and wants you to get to know his
• He is selfless and is regularly doing things to show you how much he cares
• He tries to meet your unspoken needs

If he isn’t ready yet, again, there is no need to worry. These things take time to develop as you lay out a solid foundation. We are here to help every step of the way.

I sincerely wish you all the best in life and love,

Your coach when you’re looking for “Will you marry me” signs,

By coach Danny

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